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Akira ∞ Ikeda


(a.k.a.Aki-Ra Sunrise/

Aki-Ra Sunset)


Visual Sound Hadou Artist


Born and currently resides in Kyoto, Japan.
Music is
Universal Language
he has been playing music since I experienced that music is a universal language,
he has been performing in such a way that people can naturally resonate with each other.
he has been performing live concerts and
making workshop music 
"Sound Remedy Journey"
which is making  Solfeggio Toning and Sound Journey
and sound bathing retreats.
He is constantly creating new forms of expression that interweave the digital and analog worlds.

He continues to practice experimentation with a variety of approaches
(He continues to experiment with various approaches to tuning (Tuning).

Instruments tuned to 432hz and solfeggio frequencies,
Using equipment and instruments tuned to 432hz and solfeggio frequencies, and instruments tuned to terahertz frequencies
He pursues sounds that harmonize the mind and body on a daily basis.

(The production of musical instruments)
water instruments (hadouram), and
deer medicine drums, bamboo flutes, and ceramic pot drums,
Bamboo flutes, ceramic pot drums, etc.

He is a musician who explores the possibilities, principles, and Cultures of musical instruments and sounds themselves, and conveys vibrations that harmonize with various lands, people, nature, and the earth.

Sound Remedy Journey
(Toning work X Sound Journey)

(NatureSession Workshops)

(Self Tuning Retreat)


Creative expression through percussion came naturally to Aki-Ra as a teenager and he began playing in 1990. 

Ten years later he travelled to Europe and Africa where his style became influenced further and he began street performance. 
He soon began meeting and collaborating with musicians, dancers and performance artists all over the world, fusing his musical performances with his own original style of butoh dance, live trance, and sound healing. By 2015, Aki-Ra had performed in over 20 countries.
Inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book Water Knows the Answer, Aki-Ra began working with water as a musical instrument. 
Akira believes that music is a communication tool that operates beyond language.
In 2007 he created the Hadourum as a means to express the sound vibration of water as a form of music. 
Since 2008, he has been performing with them throughout Japan and the world, using aurally and physically tangible sound vibration as a modus operandi for creative expression.
Hadourums are a unique fusion of African water drum and Carribbean steelpan drum, made of various sizes and materials including steel, glass, and plastic. 
They are completely original, made exclusively and played professionally only by Aki-Ra.
As well as expressing and presenting the effects of sonic vibration through playing hadouram, 
Aki-Ra also plays numerous percussion instruments, didgeridoos and flutes. He does cross-media solo performances as well as collaborative projects with various multi-media musicians, artists and performers, including live
painting, movie soundtracks, choreographed dance, and creation of water pictures.
Akira believes that music is a communication tool that operates beyond language.
AKI-RA Sunrise: BIO
b. 25 May 1981 in Kyoto, Japan 1990 Began Japanese taiko drum 1996 Began drums (kit)
2000 Began djembe in Spain and Morocco. Discovered the power of music as a communication tool. Started street performance.
2004 Released 1st South CD titled "South", by duo percussion team Be Ward (Australia) on balaphone and Aki-Ra Sunrise. Toured Japan, India, Taiwan, and Australia.
2005 Started music for Butoh dance with Mushimaru Fujieda’s Physical Poets performance company__
2006 Released South releaced 2nd CD "Water of Happiness". Toured 
(India, Nepal, Taiwan.)

2007 Created the first Hadourums(Water drum)
2009 Jan: Artist in Residence, CCF (Centre Culturel Francais), Cameroon for “Veilleurs Du Monde 2” (World Watchers 2). Included collaborative opening performance with Camaroon artists and musicians.__23_CCF.Cameroun.Programme_JanFev2009.pdf
2009 June-Aug: Artist residence, Cajarc, France “Veilleurs Du Monde 3” (World Watchers 3) invited by George Pompidoo Art Center. Two sound installations called “En” and “Wa”.
2009 Dec: World Tour of Contemporary Japanese Music, .
Part 1: "Central Asia and the Caucasus - Round Music Public Performance" 
(Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.) 
Part 2: "Letter from Japan - The contemporary state of tradition instruments and songs" 
(Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos)
sponsored by The Japan Foundation
2010 May: Released CD “Heart”__2011 to present: Vibrational soundwave therapy for yoga retreats, Japan and Bali
2011 Nov:
Soundscape performance 
for Live Painting show by Indria from "Eggore - Rockin' Picture Book", Bali Indonesia

Composed and performed movie soundtrack 
for “Tenstuki” (Eng title) / “Tenshi Tsukinuke Roku-chome" (Jap title) by Shima Filmsh__ ttp://

2012 Jan: Began to incorporate water as an instrument for Hado music. Sound design for collaboration with visual media artist Naoko Tosa for Expo 2012 Yousu Korea (LED projection was 250m x 23m, largest ever created)
2012 Oct: Aki-RaSunrise Released 3rd CD “TAI ~ Womb to Light ~”
2013 Began playing Biwa-Lyra (unique instrument created by Hiroyuki Murakami)
(Korea) Feb: Music-dance fusion performance, Jeju International Butoh Festival,

(Korea)Sept: Artist in Residence, ARTinNature project, Busan Performance Art Festival

2014 May:
Aki-RA sunrise Released 4th album CD 
{nature session}

“The Sake” performance by Den Entertainment Group at Hyper Japan, 
(July) and Edinburgh Fringe Festival

(Netherlands & Switzerland)
Sept: “Aki-Ra no Te” solo tour of 10 performances and workshops, 
celebrating 150 years of Swiss-Japanese friendship

2015 3/9
Green School Bali
Music drawing art work shop in Green school Bali Indonesia
Sound produce 
<Rinpa 400 years Projection mapping sound>
Colaborated with 
Media Artist Naoko Tosa
projection mapping


Sainsbury Japan art institute performance 
with Eggore- Live Painthing perf
ormance as musician

(Shingapore) Water sympogium{Water Falls}participated

{Satsang yoga festival}

(Mexico,Guatemara) Tour 
Performance in  {Cosmic Convergence Festival}

(Greece)  2~9 Sep
Performance in (Sound&Silence Fstibal) in Corfe island

Performance by migram (Akira∞Ikeda)
Mysore culture yoga festival in China

Techno Parade in @Pompidoo museum grand hall
by Technopol 
Performance with Ben Vedren(Track maker,DJ)

Aki-RaSunrise 7th album (OTOWA) releace on 21/june/2018 Summer Solstice
Aki-RaSunrise 8th album (Reconnection) releace on 5 5 /2019

Ocean Whisper
Colaboration of Tai traditional culture and Akira∞Ikeda music
@Chulalongkorn University

Started music activities as Akira∞Ikeda(as a ambient music name)
Akira∞Ikeda 1st album {ZEROPOINT} released 
Astrogical music colaboration of 2020 year with  HELIO COMPASS (
(Korea)Performance in Dance Meditation FEs vol2 

(Korea)Performance in Dance Meditation FEs vol1 

Akira∞Ikeda 2nd CD{TO O KA MI E MI TA ME}released

(Korea)Performance in Dance Meditation FEs vol2 
(Tailnad)Wonder Fruits @Ancestral Forest stage and Naramit Stage

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